Lean how to use culture, live programming and service to make a global impact Using Your Passions

  • Do you have a deep longing to travel more and see more of the world? 
  •  Are you successful but life feels mundane and bogged down with stuff that doesn't feed your soul?
  • Do you feel ready for a change and know there is something more you want to experience?
  • Do you want to use your skills, talents and gifts to travel with a purpose?
  • Do you find the many cultures of the world fascinating but sometimes feel weird interacting with "others"?
  •  Do you love trying new things, learning new skills & expanding your world view?
  •  Are you interested in making the world a more peaceful place but don't know what part you can play?
Here's why so many of us are "off."

When growing up were you taught the fairy tale of "go to school, get a job with benefits and you'll be happy for the rest of your life?"  Well guess what most women across the globe are realizing. It just that...a fairy tale. Unfortunately, many of us found out too late.  After years of putting in work and doing everything "they" said was smart, we end up stuck in a monontnous, soul sucking daily routine, planning dreams and adventure for later which never comes. And before you know it life passes us by and we end up living the zombie life just like most everybody else around us. 

It's time to break out of the routine and live a life of adventure, service & travel.

Hi, I'm Zarinah El-Amin Naeem. I'm a transformative travel expert, social entrepreneur, global presenter and "living life to the fullest" coach.  Part of my mission is to help women do more, see more and be more. I like to integrate experienes that feed our souls AND the world. I believe that everyone has the ability to design their life according to their uniqueness and what lights them up. BUT, I also believe we have a responsibility to use what God gave us to make the world a better place.  My world and life are a bit "off the beaten path" and I love it that way.  If you're looking for more fulfillment and you are ready to live your best life, I can't wait to work with you up close and personal at GLOBALIZE YOUR MIND.  

Join me LIVE for an intimate retreat and training where you get to design a bold new life of travel, adventure and service. 
SUNDAY: Expand Your Mind Through Art, Fashion & Tradition

  • Day 1 is all about breaking out of your normal routine. You'll get to experience a powerful community festival called THE HEADWRAP EXPO where you will mix and mingle with over 700+ cultural loving people representing a variety of ethnic and religious groups. 
  • Awaken your senses through international food, fashion, music and 50 artisans! 
  •  Try your hand at headwrapping and learn about the culture of this global practice. Instagram pics galore!
  •  For the serious people watchers, observe how the public navigates multicultural spaces with communities outside of their normal network
MONDAY: Design Your Life Day 1
HOW TO USE CULTURE (Yours & Theirs)
  • Day 2 is about tapping into who you are. How often do you get the opportunity to really look into YOU? The morning is about taking a step back and going within.
  •  Next I'll use my cultural leadership formula to unpack the Headwrap Expo experience and go beneath the surface of what we observed. What can you take away for your own world?
  • We'll dive into one of the most complex yet simple terms, culture. Exactly what is culture? What is culture shock? How has your culture affected the choices you've made in life? How can you use it for your upleveling?
  • I have two guest speakers coming in today from 2 very different worlds:  Vishavijit Singh on Sikhism and  Leading through Vulnerability and Maria Popinova on Romania, Photography and Culture
  •  For those who join our VIP luncheon experience, we'll be heading off site for a power-packed ethnic affair in nearby Dearborn, Michigan. 
  •  We'll end the day diving into the concept of "Shapeshifting" - a powerful empathy and experiential tool to enhance your ability to make authentic connections with people across religion, culture or ethnicity

Monday Night Henna Party!

I'm calling in some of my favorite henna artist for a good ole henna party! From Sudan to India to West Africa and beyond, women have been decorating themselves with Henna for thousands of years. Come experience it for yourself! 
TUESDAY: Design Your Life Day 2

  • Day 3 is all about the world. Today we'll be picking off from where we left on Monday and diving deeper into your world vision. Does it match how you currently live? Are there any adjustments that need to be made?  We'll have the chance to really dive into your purpose and how you see it playing out in the world.
  •  You'll have the opportunity to learn about Japan from Michiko Yoshimoto, a Japanese Cultural Specialist who will allow us to explore the significance of the ancient Kimono, a prominent fixture of Japanese culture. 
  • Just as Monday, VIP ticket holders will continue the expansion through a powerful training luncheon. 
  • Today is about creating your Luminary Life Plan to continue your evolution in a way that feeds your soul, and allows you to contribute to the world.
Make global connections and learn how to further your personal mission in the world. 
Maria Popinova is a Bulgarian photographer who specializes in portraits. She'll be sharing some of her award winning photographs and teaching how we can use our eyes to "see" deeper than the surface. 

Michiko Yoshimoto promotes the awareness and understanding of Japanese culture throughout Michigan. At GLOBALIZE, she will be sharing on the role of the beautifully powerful Japanese Kimono in womens' leadership.  

 As a survivor of 1984 genocidal killings of Sikhs in India, Vishavjit Singh uses cartoons  to discuss the latest political, social, economic and religious developments within the Sikh community around the world. At Globalize he will talk about the role of vulnerability in leadership. 
Register by Sept 30th and receive these BONUSES!
When you join us for GLOBALIZE, Zarinah will meet with you privately to explore ways you can personally infuse more travel into your life and get in full alignment with your soul. ($500 value)
Want a break through right now?  Once you register, you'll receive access to our powerful mindset reset took, Get Your Mind Right. In just 7 easy to follow steps, you'll learn more about yourself and have the chance to examine your thoughts and behaviors from a new angle. ($497 value)
You know how every culture has a language of its own?  Well here at Globalize Your Mind, we do too. We call all of our attendees, LUMINARIES.  


1. a woman committed to carrying the torch and shaking up the world. She is lit up by unique experiences that allow her to stretch, think, design her life the way she desires, and utilize her skills to leave a little bit of good everywhere she goes

WHEN: Sunday, Oct 14, 2018 12:00pm  -  Tuesday, October 16, 2018 6:30pm

HOTEL: Edward Hotel & Convention Center | Dearborn, Michigan   

AIR: Fly into DTW (Detroit Metro Airport)

VIP LUNCH EXPERIENCES: Vip Attendees receive a welcome gift and have the opportunity to extend their retreat with specially curated networking and see lunch experiences for outside of the hotel. Each experience includes a cultural aspect to shake you up! 

TUITION COST: $297 includes the entire three days. The Headwrap Expo Cultural festival followed by two days of small group training, pre-event private session with Zarinah & all training materials. (Full Registration is normally $997 but October is Zarinah's birthday month so she's decided to give you a special) 

MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU: I'm a mother of 3, so I know that getting to a live event can sometimes require some planning. But I also know from experience that when you COMMIT to yourself, the universe (family, friends, co-workers, etc) miraculously come together to make things happen.  My prayer for you is that you recognize your greatness and give this gift to yourself.

A little tip. Show the universe you are ready for more. Register your ticket TODAY and then make your travel arrangements. Allow the energy of your momentum to work in your favor and help you do whatever you need to do to be in the building.

Plus...Bring-a-Friend for only $197!
 Many times it's hard to sustain our learnings when people around us don't have access to the same information. To help you sustain the momentum from the event, we encourage you to bring your team, a friend, your business partner, colleague, friend, family member or just your buddy. Take the opportunity to do so for only an additional $197!   (You'll receive this private link after you register)

"We live in a world of great beauty, yet great misunderstandings. What we choose to do today can affect the ways our communities either come together or grow further apart. Let's be intentional about stretching our mind and connection with those around us." 
-Zarinah El-Amin Naeem

Meet The Creator 
& Your Host
Zarinah, The Think Globally Mentor™, is an acclaimed international speaker; CEO, philanthropist; anthropolgist and social entrepreneur who founded Enliven Your Soul, a creative living company based in Detroit, MI.  Zarinah helps women live authentic lives filled with travel, passion and giving. After leaving the field of computer science, Zarinah left the comfy corporate world and moved to Egypt, a place she where she knew no one. The 11 months she spent there realigned Zarinah's focus to topics of culture, diversity and understanding. Returning home, Zarinah worked in international development in Sierra Leone, West Africa. She later went on to get her Masters in Anthropology and led a RACE project for Western Michigan University & the University of Michigan. Her company Enliven Your Soul organizes powerful trainings, events and global experiences that help our clients and attendees stretch and become their best selves. Our motto is to help you enliven your soul so that you can enliven the world.  NEW TO ME?  Read more about me HERE

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Who are we?

We are women who love culture. 
Who love trying something new. 
We are leaders in various aspects of the word who aren't afraid to step outside of the box.

We are the people who want to see more beauty in the world and are committed to making it a reality. 
We love both the individual uniqueness of people and the togetherness of community.
We love  learning about other ways of doing life. 
We love art.
We love color.
We love experiences that open us and push us to be our best selves.
We are curious souls.
We jive when connected to the energy of like minds. 
We seek to enliven our souls, and the world.
Dearborn, Michigan
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